The Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP) is the second of two major planning efforts undertaken by the region in response to the BRAC-related growth on Fort Benning. Led by the Valley Partnership Joint Development Authority (VPJDA), the RGMP is funded in large part by grants awarded by the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA), an agency of the Department of Defense (DoD) charged with helping BRAC-affected communities adjust to the impacts of mission changes at military installations.

BRAC- related changes on Fort Benning include the movement of the Armor Center and School from Fort Knox, KY to consolidate with Fort Benning’s Infantry Center and School, creating a new Maneuver Center of Excellence. Anticipated growth includes over 10,000 new jobs and $2.9 billion in new construction.

The purpose of the RGMP is to prepare for the coming changes through a coordinated approach that engages community and military installation leaders in planning and implementing growth management actions across the spectrum of community planning.

The RGMP will identify the likely impacts of growth, prompt a realistic reassessment of needs and priorities, and will contribute to realistic updated comprehensive plans for each county and for the region as a whole. Although adoption of study recommendations is optional for each participating county government, the RGMP represents a unique opportunity to chart the near term future of our region.

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