Electric Steamer Pot

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August 5, 2017

The electric steamer pot is a 6-quart cleaner that works quickly. It is a 2-tier cleaner that lets you steam more than one meal at a time.

The Hannex likewise lets you keep pre-cooked food warm while you prepare other meals. The system determines 14″ x 9-1/2″ x 10″ and weighs about 6 pounds. Oster is supported by years of experience in devices and cooking area electronic devices, and produces quality cooking area tools.

Electric Steamer Pot

It features an external water filling system with a transparent container that lets you see if the tank is complete or not. This makes certain that the device never ever lacks water for steaming. The cleaner features an LCD show and a 95 minute timer. You can likewise set it to begin steaming after 12 hours.

The gadget features a 3.8 quart and 2.3 quart bowl and retractable cleaner trays that are simple to tidy. The bigger bowl has an 8 egg holder for cooking soft or difficult prepared eggs.


A variety of individuals stated that they like the method the cleaner can keep food fresh and warm as they prepare other meals for supper. The cleaner can likewise be timed to steam and cook meals 12 hours in the past. You can prepare food prior to you leave for work then return to hot steamed fish or veggie meal when you return home.

The electric steamer pot is simple to tidy and you will not need to handle a great deal of filthy and oily pots and pans any longer. Lots of health mindful individuals choose steaming food than cooking with oil. The Hannex makes it possible to do this without much inconvenience on your part. Aside from steaming meats, chicken, veggies and fish, you can likewise prepare Asian foods like dumplings and steam rice completely.

Some individuals likewise utilize the electric steamer pot as a defroster rather of utilizing the microwave which eliminates about 90% of the nutrients in food. Lots of users have actually discovered the timer an extremely practical tool. It is likewise, inning accordance with lots of purchasers, rather budget friendly. Individuals who prefer to consume steamed fish, Asian foods and dumplings, and veggies will delight in utilizing this cleaner. It is likewise efficient in steaming adequate food for a household of 5.


Aside from a couple of drawbacks, the electric steamer pot offered by www.hannex.ca can prepare nearly anything, can reheat food, steam shellfish, and cook dumplings and rice. It can even warm sauces without burning it. This cleaner provides a variety of much healthier methods to prepare food besides frying and microwaving food.

The drip tray, inning accordance with some users tend of getting complete prior to the food is totally prepared. Others likewise stated that it is a bit challenging to tidy up specifically if eggs break in the cleaner.

Some evaluations stated that the plastic parts began to break due to high heat, and the drip tray under the food is likewise hard to manage given that it does not featured a manage. If they aim to eliminate the filthy condensed steam on the tray, you might get your kitchen area counter quite untidy.